Cannabis: A Lost History (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

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The Endocannabinoid System in Health and Disease - Dr Ethan Russo - Part 1

There is something you should know
about epilepsy and cannabis

Cannabis  Conversations

Cannabidiol (CBD)
is one of at least 120 phytocannabinoids
found in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant.
Constituting around 40% of the plant’s active compounds.

CBD does not have
the same psychotomimetic (mind-altering) effects as the
main plant compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

In fact, CBD is able to counter
the mind-altering effects caused by THC.

Published on Nov 6, 2017
The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce its
first forum on one of the most interesting, timely, and
controversial topics in medicine: medical cannabis.                             

Australia: The Truth About Medical Cannabis
  In Australia, the move to legalise cannabis has gained
momentum, thanks largely to the tenacity of Tamworth
couple Lucy and Lou Haslam, who believed the
benefits medicinal cannabis had on their dying son needed
to be shared with the broader community. They were the
driving force in co-ordinating an international symposium on
medicinal cannabis, which helped shift the conversation
from "if" to "when" cannabis would be legalised.
Cannabis Club Australia    Published on Apr 9, 2017

60 Minutes Australia - Medical Cannabis Saving Lives
Cannabis as medicine - especially for children -
is something most people have a very firm view about.
That is, they’re against it! But this story will likely change
your mind; it certainly changed Michael Usher’s.
3 Aug 2014 Medical Cannabis Club Australia
Published on Aug 4, 2014


The following footage is from Today Tonight
which is owned by Channel Seven Australia,
 and not me, this clip is intended for
information & education purposes only
 Medical Cannabis Club Australia

Published on Mar 23, 2013

The 49+ Benefits of THC, CBD, and
The Endocannabinoid System



The Sacred Plant 

Published on Nov 2, 2017

A doctor's case for medical marijuana

Hempworx CBD Product Review

HempWorx Review

CBD Oil Saved My Life For Lupus Fibromyalgia
Rheumatoid Arthritis Inflammation I'm In Remission

Is CBD Oil Effectivefor Lupus Patients?

HempWorx CBD Oil Lupus Testimony

Is Hemp Oil Good For Diabetes?

CBDTV - Reel1 - 71416 - Doctors and Diabetes Testimonial


7 CBD Hemp Oil and COPD..Darrel's Story

Alzheimers b4 and after CBD oil!

How CBD Oil Helped David Wells Manage Pain

Episode 9: How CBD Oil Eliminated the Pain and Stiffness of Arthritis

Your Doctor Doesn't Want You To Watch This!


Hemp was not always in the shadows, there was a time it
was one of the most widely used material in almost every industry.

Demystifying Cannabis | Chirag Tekchandaney | TEDxBESC

Gregg Moseley-Clarke is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and the University of Hull (UK).
He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and Accounting and a MBA in Information Management.

Hemp the trillion dollar crop: Gregg Moseley-Clarke at TEDxBridgetown

this is very useful information from the Public Medical Library Website.
the search engine on this site is very word specific.
Type in Cannabidiol and under the Literature and Health Tabs you can click on any of the
Blue Titles and find some useful information on different issues from Epilepsy,
Diabetes to Cardiovascular to Drug dependency. Its been an excellent reference guide for me, backed by medical research.


This group is intended to be a central place for Hemp Worx distributors to be able to safely share the powerful testimonials that are pouring in from across the globe for Hemp Worx.

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Below is a selection of testimonials form Hemp Worx distributors.......


Rick Irving I am 64 and have spinal cord stenosis causing leg cramping, pain and discomfort in my lower back, hip and legs. I have been sleeping in a recliner most of the past year unable to sleep in bed because of leg cramps, hip and lower back pain. I would only sleep an hour or so before the cramping and pain would wake me up. I have been taking the Hempworx oil for about 3 weeks and I am now able to sleep in bed without the cramping, pain and discomfort.
I am also sleeping 5 to 6 hours without waking up do to pain and discomfort. Sure a change from what I was experiencing before I started on the Hempworx oil.

Teresa Sproles January 4 at 12:28pm
My CBD Oil testimony so far... Yes, you may share.
I don't take any prescription drugs because the side effects scare me. I only take Tylenol for my pain.
I have fibro, RA, chronic fatigue, daily headaches, degenerative disc disease in my back with bulging disc in my neck that is pinching a nerve. I also have scoliosis in my back. I'm in constant pain everywhere plus I just feel bad all the time. I can't function without something for pain. I don't sleep well, waking up constantly because I hurt. Toss and turn with my hips, back and neck killing me! I can't walk or move without pain everywhere, I have to work my legs to even walk if I sit or lay too long because I get so stiff. I have daily headaches and feeling like crap. I may not look sick but I am.
I started the oil Dec 7th, 500mg bottle, 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops at bedtime. I've lost 8lbs, my appetite is decreased and no cravings! That's a welcomed surprise! I sleep so good, never waking more than once just to go to the bathroom. Nightly stiffness is much better, it's not keeping me awake!
I get right out of bed, I don't have to work my legs before I can walk. My pain level has went from a 10 to 3/4! I'm not seeing a lot of energy increased yet but
I have have really bad chronic fatigue and CBD is antifungal so I'm sure I'm still going through detox. That can make you tired too. It also takes time for your receptors in your body to activate completely. I'm not even up to a full dosage yet either. I haven't taken ANY Tylenol since begining Dec 7th!!
I haven't complained with my neck!! That was a daily struggle dealing with that!
So yesterday I received my sprays so I didn't take my oil so I could see how the sprays made me feel on their own. I didn't take it at bedtime either.
Last night was a nightmare without it! I hurt so bad, I tossed and turned with everything hurting, couldn't sleep. I layed in bed for 2.5hrs before I finally
fell asleep then tossed and turned all night. My hips gets so sore to the touch and I haven't had that for a month! Had to work my legs a little this morning,
my pain is right back. I don't ever want to be without my oil!! That was a rough night! Everything hurts this morning.
To make it clear, this isn't a cure this is an alternative to dangerous, addictive painkillers! Maybe it does cure, who knows! I just haven't got there yet.
30 days is a little soon for that. lol... This stuff is amazing, it works!!!

Stephanie Wall-Costello shared her first post.
New member · 9 I am so happy with my Hempworx CBD oil. My issues are not as severe as some of you but I felt the need to share anyway.
I'm in my early 40's and suffer from rosacea with cystic acne and also poor sleep quality.
My skin issue's are an on again off again thing, but sometimes I experience a bad bout. Two weeks ago my skin was so sore that I couldn't even touch my face and the pain would wake me up at night. One week later my 500mg bottle of hempworx arrived. I used it topically on my skin that evening and also sublingually. I'm still amazed that the next morning I was not longer experiencing any pain and the redness and swelling were significantly decreased.
I have been given creams and antibiotics by my doctor over the past 4 years and nothing has worked. I had to stop taking the antibiotics because they wreaked havoc on my stomach. On day three of using the oil my skin had improved by at least 70%. And I'm sleeping much more soundly .

Megan Shudark
Admin · August 8, 2017 · Euless, TX, United States Y'all! The left picture is the week before I started HempWorx,
right picture is tonight!!! HempWorx grows that hair long!
Only been using the oil for 4 months!

Legal Disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers non-THC based
hemp products to be “food based” and therefore legal without a medical marijuana license.
here and here to find evidence of a test, analysis, research, or study describing the benefits,
performance or efficacy of CBD Oil based on the expertise of relevant professionals.

CBD Rich Hemp Oil is legal in all 50 states. See the full disclaimer here.

Let’s talk about drug testing.
                                 We have to be sure to educate everyone who buys our product to let them know that we have a FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL
                                   and there IS trace amounts of THC in it. (This is why our product is so effective.)

We are WELL under the legal limit of .3%. We are under .03%..

Most tests will show NEGATIVE but depending on how sophisticated the test is -
 it could show up POSITIVE for trace amounts of THC.

It is imperative that we let people know to check with their employer.

Most employers are OK with CBD, but some are not.

I also want to point out that legally -
 when anyone buys our product they are acknowledging that this has been disclosed.

We make everyone check the box saying they are aware of this.

Do NOT be a bad sales rep and guarantee people will pass.

The truth is - everyone metabolizes it differently and not all tests are created equal.

Please educate your teams. ‼

PS: We may have a CBD only / THC free product in the future so stay tuned on that.

Importing CBD into Australia
Office of Drug Control
is part of the
Health Products Regulation Group

There are 2 separate permissions that need to be obtained in order to import CBD into Australia.
 Both of these permissions need to be obtained by an Australia doctor,
 as we do not issue import permissions to individuals who are not registered medical practitioners in Australia.

In the first instance you will need to approach an Australian doctor and ask them to obtain the
                                                                                                                                   “Special Access Scheme –Category B approval” on your behalf.
 Further information regarding the Special Access Scheme (including the application forms) can be found here:

If the Australian doctor is successful in obtaining Special Access Scheme – Category B approval,
 then they can complete the attached application form for a permit to import the substance.
 This form will need to be submitted to along with a copy of the final Special Access Scheme –
                                                                                                                                       Category B approval issued by the Experimental Products Section.

It is important to note that our office does not provide import permits to individuals who are not licensed medical practitioners.
 So the importer of the goods and the name/address on the permit will be in the name of the doctor, not the patient.
 This is something your doctor will need to consider before proceeding with the process outlined above.
 We will also need specific details surrounding the overseas exporter,
 as these details (name, address) will also appear on the import permit generated by our section.

Alternatively you may wish to purchase the CBD oil locally
 from one of the importers listed on the lower half of our webpage:
If you wish to pursue this option,
 then your doctor simply needs to approach the TGA for SAS-B approval and
 then purchase it off the local supplier.

Note: the attached form is only required if you wish to import CBD from overseas.


Drug Control Section

Phone: (02) 6232 8740

Australian Government Department of Health GPO Box 9848 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia


So this is just hemp oil.. medical grade contains particular levels cannabinoids/thc that are the beneficial content for relieving ailments..

Though to clarify Standard hemp oil that you can buy in shops is in fact Hemp seed oil,
                                                                                                                                  great for salads, great for dressing, great for skin and some omega 3,
                                                                                                                                  but not much else...
be careful of what your buying people..

CBD on the other hand...
 Is full spectrum hemp grown plant -
  totally different to standard hemp seed oil and is full of cannabinoids -
   though we do ask,
                              before jumping to conclusions it might be polite to ask us,
                              is this hemp seed oil - or is it Full Spectrum whole hemp plant CBD,
                              we would not want to have people confused...

So your selling it illegally in Australia then..!
                                                                If your classing your product as true medical grade it is only legally obtainable by prescription
                                                                from a specialist authorised to prescribe it.

now on this - your somewhat correct, again you do like assuming...
   but thats ok, gives us a chance to respond.

CBD is legal via a GP through a SAS system -
  and then either to be supplied via a SAS pharmacy, or a SAS overseas provider - so on that you are correct -

However we do not sell and or resell in Australia, as you point out that would be a no no -

However it is not Illegal for people to shop online -
  in fact they could even go to walmart, and buy on line their for CBD if people wish to make that choice.
 Cannabis is all about personal choice -

If people chose to smoke it, that is what they choose - if people choose to pop it under the tongue, again that is their personal choice -

We can not as humans ( well some would - not sure if your one of them, but we have a faint suspicion you are )
 some people would rather people live or die in pain legally, then live and have a better quality of life illegally....

For people who have problems that CBD has been shown to help -
 we are showing them a pathway to shop online -
 for people who choose to not put their healthcare into their own hands and choice that is ok too.....
  we are not about forcing anybody anywhere to something illegal......

If you want CBD legally,
 sure pay the 500.00 per 10mil to get it and go through the hoops and try, for those who think, oh screw that drama,
  im going to ship it in for myself, well here is the pathway, among many other pathways...
  let us know what you would like people who are in chronic pain, fibroymyalgia, Crohns, epilepsy, seizures to do -
  im sure everybody here would be interested - we certainly are...
  and we hope the answer is not to live a life in pain and disrepair legally, that would be humanly awful

Thankyou for making that clear to those your trying to sell it too!

we are so glad you are now happy
I'm sorry but you should make that clear from the start so as people do not unknowingly get caught up with importing a controlled drug.

we cover everything in private chat before purchase
 ( which does not stop anybody mind you , as people want it.)

We cover the legalities, we cover how shipping works we even cover that in the ( highly unlikely ) event customs seize
 ( which they have never done with our product ) they will receive a refund.... Like how brilliant is that... So rest assured -
 we are sure people are adults here who can make an informed decision on their own behalf though if they feel they can't we are happy for them to contact you..

So to put this item to rest permanently
  and to also PROTECT you from other reps from other teams out there who are stupid enough saying it's ( legal )
  in public and trying to convince people this product is legal ( stay away from them, run as fast as you can -
                                                                                             in fact do not even contact them and or engage with them ( that is my advise )

They are causing the honest people of this world ( me and you ) headaches and dramas
they are committing blatant fraud - and you would want nothing to do with them - stupid is as stupid does....

So how do we go about doing our business without feeling we are doing anything wrong etc etc etc ....
  let me type below
( for Australia only ) other parts of the world may be legal, though check your countries laws.

It is not illegal to show somebody a pathway to buying CBD
  we could show them the pathway to Wal-Mart if we liked, there is nothing illegal about showing somebody a pathway to CBD
  It is not illegal to post adverts as MDC is an international online business, that just so happens to sell Hemp products -
  hence why we see yanks in their tanks everywhere advertising ( and of course telling everybody what they want to hear ),
  but again not illegal to post adverts for an international company ( if MDC was Australian then we would have trouble )

Where does the ill legality fall - it falls upon the user... Just like a pot smoker...
  a pot smoker choose to smoke pot full when knowing it is illegal, and they choose to smoke -
  the end user chooses to take drops under their tongue -
  it is the end user who is doing the illegal act via their own choice
 ( as being the wonderful and honest affiliates I know your are )
                                                                    I know your telling your people it is illegal before they purchase, so all is disclosed, and falls on them.

There is no liability upon the affiliate as
we are not selling and or re selling,
  we are simply showing a pathway to cbd, if the end user clicks and buys, then that is the end users choice...

So to end this..... CBD and CBD derived products are deemed a prohibited product via the Australian Government unless on prescription,
   this is what I have always said, this is what I have always told you guys, this is fact......

Rep's claming its
legal, is lacking in their research.
                                                                be careful of what your buying people..

HempWorx Full Spectrum uses the WHOLE plant,
                                                                             not just an isolated amount of CBD.

Along with CBD, you get over eighty other elements that work synergistically to provide the positive results we see.



 To import Nicotine into Australia for vape use is illegal.
 To put Nicotine into a vape and vape it is illegal
 YET people order Nicotine for their vapes all the time from overseas and it comes in..
 Yet people do this all the time as ( their adult choice )
                                                                                    Does this story sound familiar.


My last word's, thought and opinion about the cbd oil....

The way I see it, is

As we are not in the medical field, we do not make clams of any kind.

As we are not doctors, we do not give any medical advice.

All that we do is inform others of what benefits we are receiving.

If individuals choose not to be diligent in research of the legalities of the CBD oil, the ramifications can be vast.

In my opinion,
 as there is a whole range of legal ramifications, the individual that choose to market the CBD oil
  without proper knowledge is doing more harm than good to the CBD oil industry.

With the amount of information on the net there is no excuse for ignorance.

As we have cbd receptors, I would consider it a missing element within the body's chemistry.
Could you add this to the..... vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids
                                             and even water as part of  the body's chemistry?

Is this the "be all and end all"?   I do not know!   Do You Research......
Every person's body chemistry is different.......   Do You Research...... Office of Drug Control
is part of the
Health Products Regulation Group